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Last updated Sep 18, 2023

# Mesoscale ocean conditions and processes related to the enhanced chlorophyll-a (Chl) concentration west of Camiguin Island in Bohol Sea (Mindanao Sea), Philippines

Research Question

Satellite-derived observations of chlorophyll-a (Chl) reveal enhancement patterns west of Camiguin Island in Bohol Sea. The distribution of Chl in the ocean surface is strongly linked with physical ocean processes as these affect the distribution of light and nutrients, the main factors in primary production. The question now is, what physical ocean processes are related to the enhancement observed? Based on the spatial pattern, this Chl distribution is often associated with island wakes, an ocean phenomena where an incoming flow is modified as it encounters a topographic structure (Caldeira et al., 2019) - in this case an ocean current or wind interacting with the island. Could this be a case of an enhancement due to island wakes? To investigate, we made use of satellite ocean data and performed a series of ocean data analysis to elucidate spatial and temporal patterns. We also performed correlations among ocean data variables such as sea surface heights, sea surface winds, and sea surface temperature to find relationships that could explain our observation. Results of this research could tell us more about the interaction of islands and currents, which is relevant given the archipelagic configuration of the Philippines.

Keywords: #physicaloceanography, #satelliteoceandata, #chlorophyll-a, #oceandataanalysis, #BoholSea